nav. problem

ive gone through the entries and fixed the bottom navigation problem. it will solve the current mood and music problem also. i am only able to fix the layouts that i posted with THIS username... so im sorry if it was an old layout you were looking forward to.

new community layout soon!

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leave love while im gone.

its summer. why am i wasting my life on this stupid machine? i should be laying out. i should be swimming. i should be LOVING a certain someone ;) i should be the best friend i can be. so im out doing that until school starts. maybe even later. sorry... i will still try to make layouts but no promises.


i just added a donation button in my information and in Dolled Up Design's information. if you click on my button, it leads to buying a paid account for ME... if you click on the communities button, it leads to buying a paid account to the community. if you donate -at least- 5.00 to myself or the community for 2 months -or more- paid account... i will make you a FULL layout... including Header, FO banner, and Icon. In order for me to keep track on the layouts i have to make please comment IN THIS POST (and this post ONLY) if you bought 2 months or more paid account time for me or the community with this form...

^^^ replace the "-blah blah blah-" with the answer to the question please...

i really hope you guys decide to donate... :) THANKS